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Croell Wins Wyoming Redi-Mix Truck Rodeo for 3rd Year in a Row!

Posted: Aug 21, 2015
The Concrete Association of Wyoming held its Third Annual Mixer Truck Rodeo this past weekend. They were looking for the best mixer drivers in Wyoming. These are just a few of the competitions the drivers had to compete in: paper test of safety Items, knowledge of mixtures test, back up parking with obstacles using only mirrors (no spotters), chute placement accuracy and chute bowling.

We are proud to announce that Croell Redi-Mix took the top two spots! Bret Maurer (Cheyenne, WY) took first place. Jack Toomey (Cheyenne, WY) took second place. Congratulations to Bret, Jack and their plant manager, Don Burling, on a job well done!

With Bret’s first place win, he qualified and has been invited to the National Redi-Mix Truck Competition in Las Vegas next March! 


For more information on the First Mixer Truck Rodeo visit the CAW's Website.